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Donegal chosen for medical academy 10.01.11

LETTERKENNY General Hospital has been chosen as a clinical training site for medical students at NUI Galway Medical Academy.
From September, 40 medical students in their fourth and final year of training will be based at the hospital.
And 20 medical students are to undertake one full year of their training at the hospital, studying the same curriculum as their classmates on the campus of Galway University Hospitals.
Senator Cecilia Keaveney welcomed the development saying it would likely lead to other related opportunities.
"The impact of medical students being so directly linked from university to hospital provides Letterkenny General Hospital with important potential advantages for patient care due to the sharing of resources in the areas of research and education training.
"The initiative shows just how multidisciplinary meetings, joint lectures, tutorials and discussion groups will occur not on campus but in a hospital setting."
The Moville-based senator added: "Being now a medical academy, I would like to see an expansion of the university relations developed. One example would be the music therapy field.
"Those who wish to undertake the two-year course in the University of Limerick at present have to commit to leaving the county and having the inconvenience and expense of life away from home when they could do much of the course in conjunction with Letterkenny General and use those same technologies to link into UL.
"Maximising training time 'on the job' is a vital cog in most disciplines as no book can beat the life experience and I wish students and staff well in this endeavour."
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