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Lordy, Lordy school is nearly forty 05.03.12

by Caoimhinn Barr, Inishowen Independent

MORE THAN 10,000 past pupils are invited to Inishowen’s biggest ever classroom reunion when Carn Community School turns forty next year.
Preparations are already underway for the celebrations, which will include one of the biggest photographic exhibitions ever witnessed in the peninsula.
Hundreds of class photos, dating back to the very first day Carn CS opened for learning in 1973, will be on display in a mammoth collection, open to the public in August, 2013.
Website co-ordinator John Collins said that online news of the ambitious reunion has already attracted interest from all across the globe.
“We put a geo-locator up on the site and we’ve already recorded viewers from more than ninety different countries. The interest has been phenomenal already,” he added.
Carndonagh Community School principal, Paul Fiorentini, staff and students are preparing for a busy 40th anniversary celebration next year.
A commemorative book will also be launched to coincide with the 40th anniversary party, which ties in with the Inishowen Gathering Festival and City of Culture celebrations over the border in Derry.
Current principal Paul Fiorentini, just the third in the school’s history after Fr Kevin McKenna and Brian Mullins, said the nostalgic four-day event will provide a great opportunity for people from across Inishowen to come back to the school.
“This is a chance for people who attended Carn Community School 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years ago to come back and see how things have changed and to look through all our old photo galleries,” he said.
The Moville-born headmaster said past and present teachers also have a huge role to play in the planned celebrations.
“Teachers have a big part to play in this and I hope that as many staff, past and present, will show up as possible. It’s important for past pupils to come along but it’s equally significant that teachers are made welcome too,” Fiorentini added.
Keen to promote the online aspect, John Collins, librarian at Carn Community School, said that from next week on thousands of people will be able to keep up to date with the celebration plans on Facebook and Twitter.
The popular online site will also publish scores of old photos from Carn Community School as the countdown to August, 2013 gets underway in earnest.
Those who wish to express an interest in attending or helping to plan the massive reunion next summer can fill out an online form on the website.
Check out or for more details. The reunion will take place from August 2-5 next year.
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