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Calling Greencastle McCormicks 02.07.12

AN Irish American family is looking to contact long lost relatives in the Greencastle area ahead of a big family reunion Stateside this month.
Family spokesperson, David McCormick, says they also hoped to hold a Donegal reunion in the coming years.
"It was 124 years ago this past April that Patrick, son of George McCormick and Mary Ann McColgan, and Lizzie (nee Fleming) McCormick of Eleven Ballyboes set sail from Donegal for the port of New York City and a future in Newark, NJ.
"The McCormicks arrived just after the Great Blizzard of 1888, one of the most severe snow storms in the history of the USA," said David.
"Lizzie and Patrick had 12 children. Lizzie was pregnant with twins when they left Donegal, but they were born during the voyage and one died. The surviving twin, John Patrick, is my grandfather. We've now identified 150 descendants of their 12 children and hope, with this article, to bridge the Atlantic and identify relatives that remain in Ireland.
"Representatives of their descendants will gather in Union, NJ this July 14 and July 15 for their first family reunion and a celebration of their Donegal heritage."
A photo taken in the spring of 1910. Patrick and Lizzie are on the right. Lizzie is holding their youngest child, Joseph, and their daughter Edith is standing in front. Another daughter, Mary is sitting on the far left. Standing on the left is Patrick's nephew, Michael McCormick. His hand rests on the shoulder of his sister Mary. Sadly, Michael lost his life serving in WWI at the Battle of Flanders Field in France.
Among the family's descendants are John McCormick, an author, and Mark McCormick, a professional golfer who just finished competing in the PGA's U.S. Open at the Olympic Country Club in San Francisco, California.
"The descendants of Patrick and Lizzie wish to make connections with relatives still living in the Donegal area in the hopes of scheduling a Donegal reunion in the coming years," added David.
Anyone related to Patrick and Lizzie or with knowledge of their family can contact David McCormick at .
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