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'Returning from War' at Fort Dunree 23.05.22

ARTLINK is encouraging members of the public to attend its first ever international seminar exploring the links between art, war, peace and memory – ‘Volver de la Guerra / Returning from War’, which takes place at the art collective’s stunning location in Fort Dunree from 3pm - 6pm on Thursday, 26 May 2022.
To book ‘Returning from War’ at Fort Dunree visit www.eventbrite.ie
The free seminar will be hosted by Adriana Valderrama López, a former Director of the Museo Casa de la Memoria (a museum in Medellin, Colombia, dedicated to the memories & victims of armed conflict). A range of leading international academics, artists and psychologists will explore the artistic and material representation of war and peace in Ireland, Colombia & Germany. It will also focus on the theme of ‘memories’ of conflicts from around the world and the wide-ranging possibilities of art as a social catalyst or vehicle for change.

Adriana said: “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to host this important international seminar exploring the links between art, war, peace and memory – and the different possibilities of discussion and representation that each of the spaces that are currently part of the cultural life of Fort Dunree can offer to the local community.

“I’m also excited that the seminar will include panellists with the international calibre of Alena Kunkel (an expert in Forensic Psychiatry from Germany), Dr Garrett Carr, Senior Lecturer at Queens University Belfast (& author of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Book of the Week’- The Rule of the Land: Walking Ireland’s Border) and Judith McCarthy, Curator of Donegal County Museum (a Trinity College Dublin graduate who has recently completed a five-year-term as a member of the Board of the National Museum of Ireland).

"Art and war have a complex relationship, the two are opposite: art is creative, war is destructive. Art can enable us to remember violence, recording the experience of people who may be forgotten by the historical record, and to rewrite the history of war, but it can also facilitate the forgetting of violence by censorship. Thus, war inspires art, but art can also be looted in wartime or destroyed by war."

Artlink Project Co-ordinator Rebecca Strain said: "Through our programme of activities Artlink endeavours to create opportunities for Irish and international visual artists that increases public knowledge and appreciation of contemporary art. We want to build national and international connections for the arts in the North West of Ireland and to make Fort Dunree a focal point of artistic interest along the Wild Atlantic Way. We are delighted to have made this connection with Colombia through Adriana by which we are exploring both Colombian and Irish heritage and how art can be a catalyst for peace-making."

The free international seminar, ‘Volver de la Guerra / Returning from War’, will take place from 3pm - 6pm on Thursday, 26 May 2022, at Artlink Fort Dunree. Everyone welcome and refreshments are provided. Booking for the seminar is at www.eventbrite.ie .
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