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Defective Blocks Scheme 03.03.22
Changes to the Defective Concrete Blocks Grant Scheme

DONEGAL County Council (DCC) has welcomed receipt of the amended Defective Concrete Blocks Grant Scheme regulations.

Three changes are being introduced to the scheme under these regulations, and the council is committed to implementing same as soon as possible.
The changes are in relation to:
(1) Recoupment of Engineers Fees
(2) Essential Immediate Repair Works
(3) Stage Payments.
House in Quigley's Point that is affected by the Mica defective blocks issue.
Over the next few days, DCC will be liaising with the Department in relation to the detail. They will also be arranging briefings and training for their staff and updating the required processes to enable a streamlined implementation of the changes. The council ask homeowners to bear with them for the next few days to allow the above to be carried out.

DDC will contact homeowners directly in relation to their own application. This is likely to commence before the end of this week, in respect of homeowners who are awaiting recoupment of engineers fees, starting with those waiting the longest and it is expected to take a couple of weeks to make contact with everyone.

The Defective Concrete Blocks section of the councilís website will also be updated accordingly at the earliest opportunity.
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