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Muff to Quigley’s Point Greenway 06.10.22

THE 5km Muff to Quigley’s Point Greenway project is scheduled to start construction in 2023.

The proposed scheme will provide a segregated shared cycling/walking facility and is typically 6 metres in width overall. This is comprised of a separation strip from the road, a 3 metre wide cycle/walking surface and a comfort strip separating the greenway from hedges and boundaries.
To help inform the detailed design of the scheme, a number of advance survey contracts are being progressed by Donegal County Council and are scheduled over the coming weeks.

Some privately owned land will be required to facilitate the construction of the scheme and the Council has appointed a valuation consultant who shall shortly contact and engage with affected landowners.

Donegal County Council expressed its gratitude to residents and landowners along the route for their continued engagement and positive involvement on the project.
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