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Landmark at Neds Point Fort 04.05.22

LANDMARK will be unveiled at Neds Point Fort, Buncrana on Friday 6th May at 6pm when the artist, Roberto Uribe-Castro, will give a talk on his practice and the Landmark series.

Roberto's practice focuses on how the colonial past or violent historical events persist through time in architecture and urban landscapes.With temporary / ephemeral interventions made with materials and elements present or gathered in the place where the intervention occurs, Uribe-Castro subtly alters the place where he works allowing political speeches or forgotten historical events to emerge.
Landmark will be installed at Neds Point Fort, a Napoleonic fort on the banks of Lough Swilly and is curated by Artlink Creative Team.
Roberto explains: “In this “Landmark” series, which I have been doing since 2016, I temporarily intervene in buildings with white/red warning tapes that are familiar to us in places where some remodeling or infrastructure work is being done to warn us of a danger or simply alert us about a possible eventuality. The tape functions as a signal. In a simple way this tape marks an environment, delimits a space and announces the change that is taking place, whether it is inside a building, on the sidewalk, the street or a portion of an interior space. In their presence there is an intrinsic message of temporariness, of transience.

This work adapts itself each time in a different way to each building in which it is installed. The pattern with which I respond in each opportunity refers to some aspect of the building in an abstract way, but always seeking to create a surface that makes a reference to the topic/ subject I am interested in.”

All welcome. Please note this is an outside event.
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