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Mica crisis showcased in global art project 15.02.22

THE Mica crisis in Inishowen has been showcased in a global art project, called ‘Mirrored Journey’, which aims to connect artists from around the world during the coronavirus pandemic. The project provides the artists with opportunities to discover unknown places and situations together and see life from new perspectives.

The idea for ‘Mirrored Journey’ arose during discussions between Japanese artist Kazuhiro Yajima and Bulgarian artist Violeta Ivanova about alternatives to travel and new types of collaboration. In ‘Mirrored Journey’ artists receive a small mirror by post and are encouraged to share through it reflections of a location, story or idea important to themselves or their community.
Mirrored Journey: Mica crisis photos by Inishowen based artist Rebecca Strain.
Inishowen based artist Rebecca Strain, who is a participant in the project, has chosen to showcase the devastating impact the Mica crisis is having on families and communities throughout Donegal.
“Here in Inishowen we are experiencing a Mica housing crisis, so I have personally wanted to use the ‘Mirrored Journey’ project to document and raise awareness of the devastating impact this is having on families and local communities” she said.
“Indeed, this crisis is affecting thousands of families throughout Donegal who are living in once beautiful homes that may fall down any day. They planned a dream life with their family and community but are now living a nightmare with their homes having to be demolished."

Rebecca added: “I therefore hope that my contribution to the ‘Mirrored Journey’ global art project will help to raise awareness of the plight of these families internationally and also encourage other people to reflect on what is a dire situation for so many local families as they struggle to rebuild their homes and their lives!”

For further information on the ‘Mirrored Journey’ project visit .
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