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Former U2 stylist turns to Inishowen for clothing start-up 01.06.07

Lola Cashman, the former U2 stylist, is looking to the shirtmaking skills of Inishowen to start up a new clothing company.
Ms. Cashman, 46, who lost her High Court appeal last November against a decision ordering her to return items of memorabilia to the band, is at an advanced stage of developing The White Shirt Company which will only trade on-line.
Lola Cashman While London-based, the company is planning to source its garments from the Moville Clothing Company - one of the last remaining shirt manufacturers in Ireland.
"When I was fighting the court case with U2, I received so much support from the people of Ireland, both from individuals and from people in the music industry, I would be delighted if I could
give something back through my new venture," she said.
While U2 waived any claim for costs arising from either hearing, Ms. Cashman said she still has "huge debts" arising from the seven-year legal battle.
She said her new company will operate as a collaboration between herself and a number of "key players" including financial and internet specialists. She is currently seeking an investment of around 50,000 to help finance the first phase of production, expected towards the end of the year.
"We would be ready to go into production by the end of this year with the help of a small investment. Our aim is to start small and grow the business
Ray Doherty of Moville Clothing Company.
steadily, so if there is anyone out there who thinks they could come on board, we would be delighted to hear from them."
Ms. Cashman, who is originally from London's East End, said she decided early on that she did not want to source her shirts from low cost economies.
"I never wanted to go abroad because I'm passionate about bringing the work back to Ireland and Britain which had such strong traditions in quality shirt manufacturing.
"During the court case, I received so many letters of support and good wish cards that I'm delighted to be giving something back to a small local community in Donegal," she added.
"When I had my first meeting with the Doherty brothers in Moville, I couldn't believe how hospitable and friendly they were. They go to great lengths to help you and they said they would accommodate me no matter how big or small my order was. I hope the first production run will be for about 1,500 to 2,000 shirts."
Moville Clothing Company employs 13 machinists at the Glencrow Industrial Estate, Moville.
Director Ray Doherty said: "We're delighted that a stylist with an international reputation such as Lola Cashman has chosen us to make her garments."
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